We offer handheld, spray tan by technician service.  We use Norvell spray solution for your best tan.  Spray tans last 4 to 7 days from your first shower, depending on what you do.  Please be aware that chlorine and sand can wear off your tan faster, so if time in the sun is expected after a spray tan, we recommend that you use SPF as it is an artificial tan and will not prevent burning.  

We have 2 solutions to choose from…Regular spray solution that takes 8-15 hours to develop or a Rapid solution that develops in 1-3 hours (Rapid is an additional $10 charge).  The end result of your tan will depend on your natural skin tone and when you shower.  If you are looking for a darker result due to body building or dance competition, we can accommodate another layer of solution for $15 additional charge.


Prepping for a spray tan is easy when you follow these steps:

  • Exfoliate & shave the night before or early morning of your spray tan appointment (do not shave right before your spray tan-this can cause irritation to the skin).
  • Moisturize ONLY if you have extremely dry skin, with a quality lotion that does not contain ANY oils.  Oils will prevent the solution to stick to the skin in order to develop.
  • Wear or bring loose clothing to leave the salon in.  Dark is best, but not necessary.
  • There are baby wipes in the room for you to wipe off any make up & deodorant.
  • Shower anywhere from 1 – 3 hours after if using the Rapid Spray Solution or anytime from 8 – 15 hours using regular spray solution.  It is best to rinse with your hand & water until the water runs clear.  Once shower is complete, pat dry and use a daily moisturizer to maintain your tan after every shower. We recommend using our Body Drench moisturizer that’s available for your purchase at the front desk.